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How does this work?

If you don't know where to start, drop us a line! We can start with an initial consultation to get going on the right track, then decide what program would be the best for you, your dog, and your goals. 

One-on-one Training

Want one-on-one coaching to improve your training skills and build your relationship with your dog? Want to simplify your life and hand over the leash to let the pros teach your dog new skills? We can help. We train in your home or at our training center.

Group Classes

Our group classes are limited to 6 dogs to ensure individual attention and minimize stress (for humans and dogs!). Groups classes are an excellent environment to learn new skills, practice behaviors with distractions, and make new friends (for humans and dogs!). 

Behavior Consultations

Dealing with behavioral issues? Barking, lunging, marking, growling, snapping, snarling, or cowering? That's stressful for everyone. Let's have a chat. 

Video Consultations

No time for a class or in-home consult? Just want to chat about potty training, nipping, or other issues? Live out of our service area? Let's set up a video chat!

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