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Atta Pup's Favorite Things!

This is a list of our favorite brands or products. We hope these suggested items help maximize your life with your dog.

(Most of these links give you a discount, and we get a small profit.)


This is our affiliate shop. We've created a categorized suggestions list for all goals and needs!

Fig & Tyler

Dry, mid-high value dog treats delivered to your home, even with a mix flavors!.

Use our link for a discount on your first order!

Furbal Remedies

A wallet-friendly small business in California specializing in herbal extracts, treats, and powders for afflictions and wellness.

We have seen great results with Ginger Joint. Fast Relax is also a popular option for anxiety, fear, stress, or aggression.

Plus, they have great customer service!
Use code attapup for a discount!

CBD Dog Health

We’re changing CBD brands to the highly acclaimed CBD Dog Health brand. These guys not only offer CBD to dogs and cats but also amazing adaptogenic mustrooms and CBD for horses!

Use this link for free shipping on $100.

Pet Protector Flea and Tick Protection

No chemicals, collars, or drops to remember! This is our preferred flea and tick protection. One purchase could last you four years! (Yes, we've actually seen this great of success.)

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