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Drill Team

What is Drill Team?

Drill Team is a choreographed group made up of multiple dog-human duos. The group will perform various behaviors or tricks to music, much like a synchronized swim team. The expectation is to perform at community events.

Would my dog be a good fit?

A good drill team dog will be able to move around an area of multiple dogs without barking, whining, pulling on leash, lunging to meet others, etc. He/she will be able to keep his/her cool, maintain attention, follow cues, and take treats.

During a performance, each dog should be comfortable and relatively calm within a 6-8-foot (or smaller) radius of other dogs. While we may do a lot of the beginning practices at a greater distance, this is the goal. If you think your dog needs a bigger radius, please make this known before tryouts.

Drill Team is designed for dogs who have already taken our good manners curriculum and/or impulse control class or equivalent. Members and their dogs will learn new tricks and behaviors, but this is not a substitute for class.

Members are requested but not required to attend community performances.

Join Drill Team

Drill Team is not currently active. If you would like to join, please contact us.

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